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What Our Customers Have to Say:

We find Skinner's very effective, especially in sinus relief and aching joints.
C.F. Silver Springs, FL

Skinner's is great! We wouldn't want to be without it.
Dr. M.L.Y. Jonesville, MI

I'm very pleased with your product and the natural ingredients. Don't change a thing!
D.N. Barberton, OH

Skinner's is very good; more effective than Vick's. We keep it in the house regularly.
T.C.S. Bloomfield, IA

A good product! All patients love it!
Dr. D.K. Rockhill, SC

Your product was recommended to me in the 60's by a chiropractor. It's wonderful relief during massage.
R.B.W. Holden, WV

I cannot say enough good things about your product. It was introduced to me by a friend for my aches and pains due to muscular dystrophy. I've also used it for sinus problems, ear aches, burns, headaches, sore throats, and just about any ailment you can think of.
E.G. Elkhart, IN

Skinner's is the best all purpose ointment I've ever used. I've recommended it to numerous friends and relatives.
C.G. Arapaho, OK

Absolutely the best salve on the market.
A.K. Burleson, TX

My 18 year old grandson couldn't leave for the Navy without a jar of Skinner's. We can't live without it.
C.C. Bow, WA

My husband was heating a bale spear with a cutting torch to straighten it and accidentally laid his hand on the hot spear. We immediately put Skinner's Salve on his hand and kept some on all day. It never formed a blister, and there was no more pain.
I.S. Fort Scott, KS

I stand on my feet on concrete all day, and they really hurt. Using Skinner's not only eases the pain, so I can sleep, but also the next morning, they're not sore or hurting.
W.C. Glendora, CA

Your salve is absolutely the best for everything that is sore. From sore muscles to sore throats, it's the best relief with a wonderful scent.
J.P. Bowling Green, KY

I had a bite on my arm from something for a week, and it didn't clear up using some other salves. After using yours for a while, it has now cleared.
J.S. LaVale, MD

A chiropractor used your "vaporizing salve" on my son's swollen glands. It has helped dramatically.
J.G. Casper, WY

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